The smartest way to engage and Service your customers

We understand that each point of contact between Your Company and Your customers can directly affect the success of Your Business.

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We Speak Your Language

No matter where you are, we have service team members who speak your language and your customers language, or languages. No more complaints of not understanding the person calling, it just makes sense.

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Service 24/7 365

We know that your Business does not sleep so why should your Customer Service team not be on during specific hours?

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Successful Business

Our Service Team is your Team

Never again will you have to worry about staffing your phone lines, or if your clients will be handled the way you want them to be. Our Team of highly trained service representatives works directly with you to better understand your clients, what their needs and wants are so we can tailor their customer service experience directly to what you expect.

Registration Update

Need to update your customers' registration data?

Our Team can ensure that your database is up to date and fully functional with all your client’s latest information. We work with you to better understand exactly the data you need updated or added to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

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After Sales

Do you want to conduct a satisfaction survey with your customers?

It is never easy to get the quick feedback you need to make important decisions about your business marketing. It always seems like there are many different challenges that present themselves.  The good news is, that we have developed our own Survey System that will get the information you want in the timeframe you need.

Even if you are stuck for Survey questions, we have a library of questions that we have used before and that have received feedback already, so you can custom choose what questions you want to make sure you are getting the data you need.

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Our Services

“Working with URated Business Solutions support team has really helped me hand off so many tasks that were bogging me down. Now I have the URated Team following up with my clients and helping to onboard our new ones, giving me the time to focus on new business”

Jonathan Stoker – CEO

Vacation Ownership Advisor

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Support 24/7

We are always here for you and your team. Need to make quick adjustments or prepare for a change or upgrade - we can do lt

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Robust Help

We are not just a Call Center Service, we are a fully functional Help Desk with our Support Team ready to he you.

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Customer Service

We are your frontline to amazing customer service. No strange recorded greetings, just happy customer services representatives

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Agents DIP Center

Looking for something more in depth? Our highly trained Agents can support you in whichever capacity your business needs

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Sales Services

Our outbound Sales Teams format the best scripts to market your product to get the best results for you every time

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Common questions

Inbound business calls to answer product or service questions? With your help and product knowledge, our team is ready

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We have a team ready to serve you

Looking to get started right away? We have representatives that can start working for you right away. Need a Toll Free Number or a dedicated phone system? We can handle all that for your too. 
Your one-stop Service Shop

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Pricing Packages

Choose a plan and Get Connected

We also have custom-designed plans for your specific needs. If you are looking for a custom quote please email us at

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