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“Working with URated Business Solutions support team has really helped me hand off so many tasks that were bogging me down. Now I have the URated Team following up with my clients and helping to onboard our new ones, giving me the time to focus on new business”

Allan Kirby

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Support 24/7

No matter when you need us, we are here for you and for your clients. Your customers always get an answer when they need it.

Robust Help

We are a full-functioning Help Desk with a Support Team ready to assist you; we are not just a call center service.

Customer Service

We are your first line of defense for fantastic customer service. There are only happy customer service employees, not odd recorded greetings.

Agents DIP Center

Are you searching for something more comprehensive? Our skilled Agents can assist you in whatever capacity you or your company may require.

Sales Services

Our outbound sales teams craft the best scripts to promote your business and your products so that you will always get the best results from our outbound calling.

Common questions

Calls from clients seeking information about products or services? With your assistance and product expertise, our team is prepared.

URated Business Solutions Logo

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Do you want to get started right away? We have agents available to start serving you as soon as you are ready. Need a dedicated phone system or a toll-free number? We can manage all those for you as well.
URated is your one-stop service center.