URated: Using Skilled Call Center Services to Transform Customer Support
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URated: Using Skilled Call Center Services to Transform Customer Support

Who Is URated?

URated Interactive was started in 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Soon after it became apparent that more clients needed our help, so we expanded into Las Vegas Nevada, Springfield Missouri, and Los Angeles California.

Our focus has always been on helping businesses improve their online presence, and to help them grow more efficiently and with the right programs and tools.

We noticed that many of the businesses we were dealing with needed help with answering their phones, calling out to clients, booking appointments, and following up with work that had been completed. 

This is when we introduced URated Business Solutions. With our team of well-trained and highly skilled personnel, we are not able to just help our clients with new business solutions but to assist them in growing their companies.

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Engage And Services Your Customers
Engage And Service Your Customers

This is all about your customers, your current customers, and your potential new customers. Your customers are looking for reasons to deal with you, we want to ensure that they are connecting with your business and that your business is represented in the best possible light to that, to make their decision to deal with you, an effortless one.

Up-To-Date Reporting And Engagement
Up-To-Date Reporting and Engagement

Keeping on top of everything in your business is never an easy task. Our team here at URated takes the customer communications part of your business off your shoulders and reports to you daily, through your CRM or email on all your daily customer engagement metrics. The best path to customer satisfaction is clear and constant communication.

Dynamic Interactions With Your Customers
Dynamic Interactions with Your Customers

There is a difference between 'dealing' with customers and then having Dynamic Customer Interactions, here at URated we prefer being Dynamic. Every person who has ever called a business they deal with or want to deal with and has been placed on hold has an unpleasant experience they can recall. Our mission is to ensure your customers have a great experience dealing with your company, so much so, that they tell how good it was to their friends and family.

Working With You To Expand Your Business
Working With You To Expand Your Business

Any company can answer your phones and send emails, but they can't help your company grow as URated can. We are here for you, period. We know and understand that we do not exist without you, so everything we do is with your business in mind. We treat your customers, just like we would want to be treated. We look after your business communications so you can focus on the bigger picture, expanding and growing your company.

How Our Customer Engagement Works For You
How Our Customer Engagement Works For You

Our team here at URated is focused on your customer's satisfaction, and to get there we know that means we need to engage your customer to find the best solution for them in the least amount of time. All this is done without sacrificing quality or making your customer feel rushed or pressured. Dynamic engagement is what we are all about.

Here For You When You Need Us
Here For You When You Need Us

Your business works every day, all day, and your customer support needs too. The worst thing your customer can hear is that you are closed and to call back at a time that works best for your business, not for them. Over 78% of customers who call a business after hours, when they need support, end up going somewhere else. The business never knows why they left, they just do. Using our services, you will never have that issue to deal with.

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Do you want to get started right away? We have agents available to start serving you as soon as you are ready. Need a dedicated phone system or a toll-free number? We can manage all those for you as well.
URated is your one-stop service center.

URated: Using Skilled Call Center Services to Transform Customer Support